Sarajevo Halal Congress 2023


The international Halal community came together for the Congress of Halal Quality Sarajevo. The event took place in Sarajevo on 18-19 of May and was organized by the Bosnian Agency of Halal Quality. HALAL Greece is proud to have been a part of this significant international gathering.

The Congress brought together speakers from the Academic area, the compliance sector, industry, governments and Islamic jurisprudence. The discussions driving home the importance of Halal quality and integrity across all sectors.

The Congress has closed with success and impulse triggering values for the different halal sectors.

Halal Greece extend its congratulations to the Agency for Halal Quality Certification of Bosnia, the University of Tuzla and its Faculty of Technology, the University of Sarajevo, Faculty of Islamic Studies and the OIC/SMIIC.

We express gratitude to our Bosnian friends and hosts for their warm and generous hospitality was extended to all participants.

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